Your phone number doesn’t belong to you.

2.5 billion robocalls are made in the U.S. every month. Join a community of users uniting with kalleo to take back their security and privacy.

kalleo is available now.

kalleo provides smartphone users with the ability to block spam calls better than any other app on the market.

kalleo will never sell or use your information outside of this app
Fully identify unknown callers... everytime
Block known spam callers outright
Flag new spam callers and contribute to a spam-free community


How does kalleo handle all my incoming calls?
How do I deactivate kalleo off of my phone?
I have deleted kalleo off my phone, but it is still sending me voicemails? How do I stop this?
I have deleted kalleo off my phone, why is it not deactivated?
When I answer a phone call from kalleo, the phone call quality is not good, how do I improve this?
The caller ID was wrong when kalleo sent me the call, why is that?
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